CFUW Resolutions

One of the aims of CFUW is to improve the status of women and promote human rights and it does so primarily through advocacy.  Clubs are encouraged to research and propose resolutions on issues of national importance to CFUW National annually. Resolutions may be in areas concerning the environment, health, equality or social justice.  These resolutions are then sent to clubs for review.

The Advocacy Committee of Markham CFUW, invite our members to join them at a meeting, usually in April, to review and discuss these resolutions.

There were no submissions in 2019, however submissions are currently on the way for 2020, including a resolution on Two-tiered Health Care system.

Click here for CFUW 2018 Resolutions

Clubs will submit their amended resolutions to CFUW National where they are subsequently approved by Club delegates at the Ontario Council AGM in May or CFUW AGM in June.

Once approved, clubs may petition their federal (MP), provincial (MPP) and municipal governments to advance the CFUW agenda.


In preparation for the Federal election in 2019, our club put forward questions to candidates on the following topics:

  1. Environment and Climate Change
  2. Housing and homelessness (with a focus on youth and the disabled)
  3. Addressing Poverty
  4. Universal Pharmacare
  5. Immigration

The answers were distributed to our members.