Meetings & Events

Meetings and Social Events
Sept. 2019 – May 2020

7:00 p.m. social, 7:30 p.m. meeting start at
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
143 Main Street Markham

Sep. 18

A getting to know you evening for new and current members where information stations will be set up for our interest groups as well as for the Education Committee through which we support the education of girls locally and internationally and the Issues and Advocacy Committee which advocates on issues pertaining to women.
Oct. 16Eric Lariviere. General Manager, Flato Markham Theatre.  Flato Markham Theatre  – how does it address the diverse needs of Markham?  How is talent discovered? We will explore this fabulous local cultural resource.
Nov. 20Shirley Walker.  Downsizing Divas – moving to smaller space? Clearing out your parent’s homes?  How to manage downsizing!
Dec. 4Sugar Plum Social – our Christmas party,  will be held at the School Fine Dining Restaurant.   Doors open at 6:30 p.m. $45. Collection for this event to be completed in November.
Jan. 15
Kathy McGilton, PhD. Improving quality of long term care nursing homes and in general how improving geriatrics care can help us all.
Feb. 19Susan Swall. Importance of Citizen Involvement in Land Use Planning (Oak Ridges Moraine is an example)
Mar. 18Anne Dagg Innis (Authur) & Alison Reid (Filmmaker) Film screening of “The Woman who loves Giraffes” and Q&A dialogue with zoologist and author Ann Dagg who was the first single female to venture to Africa to study animals (giraffes, in her case – even before Dian Fossey – gorillas, and Jane Goodall – chimpanzees).  A compelling story that has a backline about women and tenure difficulties from the male community in the late 1950s and beyond – how far we have come. See the official trailer here.
Apr. 15Linda & Karen Chadwick. People, Places and Food; Tuscany experience
May 11May Banquet at York Downs Golf and Country Club.  A night to remember with great food and the talented and amusing stylings of “The Piano Man” Brian Larter and drummer, Bongo Bob.  $55 cash or cheque collected at general meetings starting in February.  See menu here.
Dec. 2Sugar Plum Social – our Christmas party,  will be held at the School Fine Dining Restaurant.
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