Meetings and Events

Meetings and Social Events
Sept. 2021 – May 2022

Via Zoom Meetings or at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 143 Main Street North, Markham Village, when possible later. Third Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. We hope members will join us for these informative talks.

Sep.15, 2021Jennifer Merrick – Canada’s National Parks
Canada has 47 national parks across our vast country that began with the establishment of Banff National Park in 1885. Join us as Jennifer Merrick delves into our parks’ history and takes us on a journey to some of Canada’s most breathtaking wild spaces.
Oct. 20, 2021Video presentation and thank you to the Hayden Family Foundation.                                                                                               York Regional Police – Human Trafficking vs. Sex Trade
A rep from YRP will discuss the global/local environment, explain what human trafficking is versus the sex trade and the two types of human trafficking that can be investigated under the current legislation.
Nov. 17, 2021Dr. David Chandross – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Mankind
Can machines think just like humans? Beyond the mere replacement of manual workers and the collapse of retail giants to online automated services, rapid advances in artificial intelligence are shaping our future.
DecemberSugar Plum Social
Jan. 19, 2022Lianne Harris – Undressed: A History of Hygiene
In this lively, visual presentation, Lianne Harris scrubs away the surface of what we might think of hygiene – soap and shampoo – to the essential reality of survival in less than sanitary conditions. From personal practices to religious, political, and cultural intervention, relax and soak up a short history of hygiene. Sponsored by Amica Unionville.
Feb. 16, 2022Gilles Fournier – Arthritis, What You Need to Know
Gilles Fournier will step us through what arthritis is, provide some stats and comparisons to other diseases in terms of order of magnitude and impact, the two main classifications of arthritis (osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis), the risk factors, the warning signs and how it is diagnosed. Since there is no cure yet for any of the 100+ forms of arthritis, he will focus on the management of arthritis. This is sure to be an interesting and relevant topic for all of us.
Mar. 16, 2022Andrew and Nancy Coe – The Making of an Olympic Athlete
Other than cooking and driving, what is really involved with being a parent of an Olympic rugby athlete? Fresh on the heels of the Beijing Olympics, what is the life of an Olympic and professional athlete really like? Our panel discussion will delve into all the details with mother and son. Andrew on YouTube interview.
Apr. 20, 2022Daniel Aonso – Music in the Cinema
From the early epics of “Gone with the Wind” and “Lawrence of Arabia”, through adventures in “The Great Escape”, to fantasy and sci-fi in “Fellowship of the Ring”, see how music makes our favorite movies into masterpieces.
June 1, 2022Spring Banquet at the Shangri-La Convention Centre with “the Piano Man” Brian Larter and Bongo Bob
Start to dream about a huge tent filled with wonderful women, the music of our youth, scrumptious food, wine, memories and summer weather. Put on your dancing shoes as it will be impossible to stay seated once the Piano Man, Brian Larter, and his drummer, Bongo Bob start to play! Arrival at 12 noon.
Sign up and payment starts in March. Details about menu, tickets and making up tables will be provided in the March newsletter