CFUW Markham Unionville is a club of over 150 women and persons who identify as women who are committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for friendship and personal growth
  • Advocating for improvement in the status of women and human rights
  • Supporting the education of individuals locally and internationally
group of cfuw ladies

We are a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan group who enjoy getting together at monthly general meetings, in committees working to support our mandate or through participation in our many interest groups. We welcome new members!

CFUW Markham Unionville is part of an international organization of clubs. We belong to the CFUW Ontario Council and to the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW National) which in turn is affiliated with the Graduate Women International.

CFUW Respectful Treatment Policy

Every person can expect to be treated respectfully in CFUW. Every member,employee, and volunteer has the responsibility to refrain from participating in behaviour that is, or could be perceived to be, disrespectful in nature.
Statement of Commitment
CFUW recognizes its responsibility to build and maintain a diverse, respectful organization where all enjoy an environment in which the dignity and self-respect of every person is valued and which is free of offensive remarks, material or behaviour.
We recognize that conflicts and disrespectful behaviour can jeopardize an individual’s dignity, self-esteem and well-being and possibly undermine our CFUW relationships, friendships and productivity.
A truly respectful organization requires the cooperation and support from each and every person in the organization. Everyone has a responsibility to set a positive example and behave in a manner which will not offend, embarrass or humiliate others, whether deliberate or unintentional.
The principle of fair and respectful treatment is a fundamental one that CFUW commits to uphold for its employees, members and those who work with us. This same commitment must come from all our members, employees, and volunteers.
Together we can ensure that every individual is treated respectfully and courteously.
In addition, CFUW Markham Unionville strives to follow the CFUW National Code of Ethical Behavior which emphasizes sensitivity, fairness, respectful treatment, confidentiality of personal information and sets guidelines for financial payments and dissemination of opinions to the public.

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