Issues and Advocacy Committee

Issues and Advocacy group 12 ladies under a shade tree in summer
Issues and Advocacy Committee members

Our Approach to Advocacy
CFUW Markham-Unionville envisions a world where women and girls are educated and empowered to make transformative change in the world. Advocacy is the heart of CFUW activities. Our advocacy is non-partisan and social action based.

What is Advocacy?
Advocacy is any activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. Advocacy is the key element of democracy. It is focused on bringing about positive change locally, nationally and internationally. Advocacy helps give a voice to the voiceless in political discussions.

Why Do We do Advocacy?
We do advocacy to promote the advancement of the status of women, human rights and the common good locally, nationally and internationally through effective mission-focused advocacy.

Issues and Advocacy Committee Markham-Unionville
The Issues and Advocacy Committee is our club’s advocacy arm. Committee members meet monthly to plan, discuss and participate in advocacy projects.

How do we do it?
Click the links below for details on how we carry out our commitment to advocacy.

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