Supporting Education

One of the goals of the CFUW nationally and locally is to support education. CFUW Markham Unionville has a proud history of providing scholarships and bursaries to eligible individuals. Since 1998, the CFUW has raised over $280,000 and provided scholarships or bursaries to over 50 eligible individuals through its registered charity, the Education Fund. We were able to achieve so much through the generous support of our members, fundraising and especially the significant support of the Hayden Foundation. Donna Hayden was a member for many years and also served as Club President.

Charitable organizations we have worked with to provide scholarships and bursaries include: University of Toronto, York University, 360 Kids, York Children’s Fund and Aldea Maya, a Guatemalan charity.

Our registered charity is being dissolved. We plan to continue to support education but on a smaller scale.